New technologies

iNOV is an expert in developing object-oriented and service-oriented SOA applications (Java J2EE Framework Open Source, Spring, Struts, JSF, Hibernate,. NET / C #, PHP5, Zend, C + +, Agile software Development, SCRUM. ..).
Our teams have mastered their implementation based on advanced techniques such as agile software development, the use of Framework and libraries, design patterns combined with complementary techniques such as DBMS and RIAs which lead to successful and high quality applications.
The Engineering and Project Management (AMOE) is also provided to cover the stages of technical architecture, design and test development till delivery.

ERP solutions

The iNOV ERP offer is focused on Oracle Application.

  • We assist our clients in:
    • Advisory

    • Project Owner support

    • Integration

    • Development or maintenance of the solution

  • The operation process is:
    • Implementing ERP

    • Integration of new modules

    • Technical migration

    • Upgrade

    • Public Sector business solution

    • Integration of IFRS standards

Infrastructure IT

The IT infrastructure is the backbone of a company. It is imperative that the IT infrastructure is carefully planned, deployed and maintained so that the business is operating efficiently.

We assist companies in managing IT systems and developing an IT strategy to achieve business objectives in the long term. Our services include the planning and implementation of IT business installations and their support.

  • Our expertise:

    We provide a wide range of robust, efficient and IT infrastructure services to meet your needs:

    • Consulting services in areas such as the definition of business architecture, the design of hardware and software, and integration of enterprise software

      • Services related to enterprise networks

      • Network solutions optimization

      • Development, installation and maintenance of LAN and WAN networks.

      • Creation and maintenance of secure remote access VPN solutions

      • Internet services such as connectivity, email services, web design and hosting, collocation physical servers and virtual Firewall.

    • Configuring network security, intrusion prevention, SSL protection based attacks and configuring a firewall of web application

    • Protecting corporate data with identity management and access controls

    • Solutions for Data Loss Prevention - Backup and data recovery in case of a disaster

    • Establish a data center with optimization, planning and Support Management

Mobile Entreprise/Apps

Technical services of a company require mobile access to business processes and a compatibility with a wide range of IT devices such as laptops, smart phones and tablets. This trend has grown to become one of the most important drivers of projects. The way the mobile enterprise is implemented depends considerably on the application environment, as well as the technical process of a mobile presentation.

Our team of experts work with clients to define the functions and processes required to implement their projects and allow users a browser-based or individual applications access.

We cover the entire life cycle of products, according to customer requirements and we are able to offer quality at a lower cost through our Nearshore approach.

  • Our expertise:
    • Development of mobile products and services management

    • Adaptive maintenance

    • Application Support - Level 3

    • Administration

    • Monitoring and reporting

    • Mobile solutions e-administration