If you are looking for computer experts, engineers and managers, employment or temporary projects? We can make available these experts immediately following your needs and fitting your current financial situation.

  • Our expertise:
    • Analysis of staffing needs based on profiles that include skills and personalities fitting properly your business

    • Identification of perfect candidates in our expert database, major job portals, specialized portals and discussion groups, as well as advertising in our own portal and through the media

    • Using pre- selection process at several levels to avoid unnecessary interviews

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  • Our customers:

    In the last years we have worked for many leading companies in almost all industries such as ADP, AGF, Atos, BNP, BNP Paribas, EDF, SAGEM, VOLVO, etc...

    We will be happy to put you in touch with our customer reference, and discuss your needs. Please feel free to contact us.

Technical assistance

Technical assistance is a commitment to provide the means through which we provide the resources needed to support and implementation of our clients' projects. In the context of missions of varying duration (determined with our clients to consider the issues and complexity of the project), our experts mobilize their expertise daily by complementing the existing teams. Whether assistance or project management or solution deployment, our consultants drive the change and integrate these solutions within organizations.

  • Our Expertise:
    • Architecture

      This is the basis of any application or efficient and sustainable system. Services oriented architectures SOA provide solutions to build effective structures, modular, scalable and able to cope with the inevitable changes in systems. Techniques such web-services enable easy implementation of the SOA.

    • Design

      Our engineers share and capitalize a set of good practices that they implement within the various projects on which they are called upon to intervene. They master the Framework design as Struts, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, etc. .... which bring substantial saving in time and development costs. They master RIAs techniques such as Gwt, Flex and HTML 5 to build ergonomic and efficient interfaces.

    • Development

      Our engineers are trained in development languages Java J2EE, .NET C # and C + +. They have for the most part the practice of complementary techniques such as SQL, Wsdl ... iNOV is following an agile approach that brings a considerable efficiency to projects or sub-projects of medium size.
      Our approach is pragmatic, based on the integration of technical design, development and depth tests. Our procedure is iterative, collaborative, participatory and focused on the production of deliverables. The quality of deliverables is also favored by continuous techniques integration and systematic testing.

    • Modeling

      Large projects can hardly do without a modeling phase, it’s important for all actors to share the same understanding in analysis and design. iNOV has extensive modeling experience in UML, but also additional models such as BPMN for Information Systems or SysML for Technical Systems .

    • The choice of platforms and toolss

      iNOV helps you to select a set of development tools , testing and continuous integration to build a production platform that meets the needs of the projects and gains significantly in efficacy and quality: Ant , Maven , JUnit , Hudson ....


All business sectors are subject to strong constraints related to economic, technological, competitive ... developments. the objective of outsourcing is externalize all or part of the management and operation software of applications and information systems (IS) to a third IT provider (computer engineering service company).

  • Our Expertise:

    We provide a wide range of robust, efficient and low cost IT infrastructure services to meet your needs:

    • Possibility of relying on resources with high level of knowledge in new technologies.

    • Guaranteed to have solutions fitted to your needs.

    • Control and optimize your budget dedicated to your IT infrastructure.

    • St free from your IT management.

  • iNOV is involved in outsourcing on:
    • Third-Party Application Maintenance which covers the activities of functional user support, corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, ongoing maintenance and retention of knowledge. The phases supported by iNOV:

      • Technical and management responsibility

      • industrialization

      • Implementation of a contract agreement SLA

      • Staffing teams

      • Maintenance with steps supervision

      • Reversibility option (providing knowledge and tools for maintenance of the application by a third party or the client itself)

      • Implementation of monitoring tools such ROI

    • Infrastructure Management that allows you to outsource the hosting and use of your IT infrastructure. Our outsourcing services for your applications and your IT infrastructure mainly cover:

      • Monitoring

      • Incident Management

      • Optimization

      • Audit

      • Technology survey

    • Third Party Software Testing is an outsourced process on the methods used to improve application quality by functionalities testing, technical choices and interface problems. A test team is dedicated to the intervention at all stages of the service, which avoids the final urgency required by the deadline. Emphasis is also put on a rapid return on investment for the customer. The iNOV teams spend a significant part of their activity to provide an objective view and a global vision to the client.

NearShore Service Center

Project requirements of our customers are many and complex. In addition to professional and technical models, international development teams are increasingly necessary for the (sub) projects and work packages. Our clients benefit both a lower cost structures in our nearshore development center and a greater availability of skills in demand.

Many project tasks can be performed from our nearshore center according to the operational and technological requirements defined. With our experts in different phases of the project and industrial process development, iNOV is able to deliver high quality work respecting your deadlines.

  • Our Expertise:
    • Application development and management services

    • Mobile applications

    • ECM Projects and Services

    • Enterprise integration

    • Product Engineering

    • Data Warehousing

    • SAP Consulting

    • Verification and Validation

    • Testing et QA

    • Advisory